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Tony Samara
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People from all over the world visit Tony Samara to take spiritual guidance, experience being in his presence & to realize the evolution of human consciousness.

With the guidance of Tony Samara, discover a path of profound transformation, evolution of consciousness and inner peace. This path is open to all people from all walks of life who seek Health, Happiness and Inner Wisdom.
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Tony Samara
Founder of the Conscious Meditation Foundation
and the Samara School of Meditation

Tony Samara, author of ‘Shaman’s Wisdom,’ ‘The Simplicity of Love Meditation,’ ‘Different Yet the Same,’ ‘Karma, Mantra and Beyond’ and ‘Discover Your Inner Buddha’ was born in England, grew up in Egypt, England, and also in Norway where he discovered the “Zen Buddhist philosophy”.

This discovery eventually led him to the Mount Baldy Zen Center in California, USA, where he learned the spiritual teachings of Kyozan Joshu Sasaki. He had curiosity to explore further the essence of spirituality and thus went to live and learn with shamanic communities around the globe. By going on pilgrimage to various sacred sites in India, Tony was able to dwell deeply upon the ancient Vedic and Jain philosophies and work profoundly with the essence of these teachings. He says:

“My first spiritual teacher, at the age of 12, was the question “Who Am I?” Over a few years, as I immersed myself deeper into the question, in many different countries and through various spiritual traditions, in a universalist open-minded way, gradual and powerful experiences opened me up more and more until at the age of 27 I experienced a dramatic moment of enlightenment.

Today, inspired deeply by the words of Shrimad Rajchandra and Mahavira and the poetry of Satguru Kabir, I share with you the totally natural state of joy and wisdom experienced as the heart opens to the truth.”

“As real self I never knew,
So suffered I eternal pain,
I bow to Him my master true,
Who preached and broke eternal chain.”
~ Shrimad Rajchandra, Atmasiddhi – 1.1

“There within Him creation goes forward,
which is beyond all philosophy;
for philosophy cannot attain to Him:
There is an endless world, O my Brother!
and there is the Nameless Being,
of whom nought can be said.”
– Satguru Kabir

Now people from all over the world visit Tony Samara to take spiritual guidance and experience being in his presence.

Tony Samara believes that “the vast majority of people go through life without directly experiencing the depths of their true self, or understanding their connection to life, or their relationship to others and to the world at large. We are often taught to only relate to the world through our senses. We think, we reason, we feel – but we do not know from our hearts what it means to be connected to what is beyond the senses.”

He recognizes that direct experiences have the potential to radically transform an individual and his or her life, as well as promote a profound and effortless letting go of past emotional, mental and physical pain and suffering.

His main countries of activity are in Europe, yet with the assistance of the Internet he is attracting a Global audience through frequent online interviews and live satsangs. His function is as a Spiritual Master who encourages all to lead their lives actively in a noble way in order to realize the evolution of human consciousness.

Verbal dialogue is not the essence of his teachings, but he explains in a direct and simple way that everyone can understand how each individual can practically integrate greater acceptance, peace and joy into their daily lives.

Tony Samara teaches with humour, humility and with infinite patience, empowering the individual with courage, trust and inner strength to continue on this journey back into wholeness, a path that leads towards real freedom.

Join Tony Samara in person at the many meditation programmes available.

We invite you to visit the programme page of to find the nearest programme where you can experience the energy transmission and wisdoms, which often are beyond description in words.

There are also many easy possibilities to work with Tony Samara from the comfort of your own home by joining the online satsangs

To subscribe to the mailing list please write to us at [email protected] and we will gladly update you with all the latest news and inspirational quotes!


Books by Sat Tony Samara

Shamans Wisdom Within
Expand, Heal & Transcend with an Inner Retreat


Shaman’s Wisdom
Reclaim Your Lost Connection with the Universe or Therapeutic Approaches & Healing in the Wider Context of Human Development.


Detox Body, Mind and Soul
A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Change your Diet, Lifestyle & Relationships & Feel Motivated & Well in All Areas of Your Life.


The Simplicity of Love Meditation
Heartfelt Daily Practices to Worry Less, Heal Faster, Sleep Better, Improve Relationships & Feel More Confident & Content.


Ancient Wisdom for Reality Creators
Easy & Practical Healing Steps to Create a Life of Authentic Awakening, Emotional Freedom, Well-Being, Happiness, & Wonder. Apply NOW the ancient wisdom of HOW Your Thoughts and hence Your aligned energy. Create Your Reality!



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“It is not always easy to immediately understand what Tony is transmitting behind the words that he is speaking. Personally, I know that if I am caught up in a personal issue or just thinking too much, listening to Satsangs with Tony always ‘resets’ my mind and helps me refocus on what is important. Often I have had the experience weeks or months after a Satsang of an ‘a-ha’ moment where the understanding of what Tony is speaking about just clicks with me. It’s not that Tony ever tells me what to do, more that he highlights and builds on what is real within me so that I am empowered to discern what is real and to take action based on that. I really enjoy how Tony can draw on different religions and spiritual traditions to illustrate in descriptive and poetic ways the message that he is sending to us who are privileged to listen to him. Tony’s way of teaching is inspiring and beautiful of course but also very tangible, down to earth and easy to put into practice in practical ways in everyday life.”
– Gerald (Ireland)

“I have a quote on my desk at work so that everyone can see it. It means a lot to me and I read it every day.”
– A.A. (USA)

“Great meditation. Found it in my Insight Meditation app as a featured meditation. I tried in on my way to work on the metro. I could see all kinds of fun indigo and violet colors behind my eyes, which doesn’t happen frequently, but I love when it does. Awesome. Thanks.”
– Steph M. (USA)

“The last Satsang was beautiful as usual. Homeopathic doses of wisdom 🙂 Very subtle and highly effective.”
– I.S. (Switzerland)

“I really enjoyed Tony’s satsang today. I see he has a curious knack of addressing the points that meet me exactly where I am at for that day or time. Now that is impressive! I assume he is tuning in to people as we connect via the computer. Please thank him – I am so much where I need to be to do the things I want and need to do today, coming from a place of happiness as opposed to anxiety and stress which often grips me on Monday mornings.”
– W.B. (Australia)

“This morning I received the Full Moon Satsang of wisdom from Tony Samara. WOAH! SO AMAZING AND YET SO SIMPLE…! It talks about the process of CHANGE within the body when the unconscious begins speaking to us (which of course happens more intensely around Full Moon) and how the mind tries to shut our divine inner intelligence, which holds such wisdom and grace, down by making us feel it is ‘too difficult or challenging’. Tony’s messages are ALWAYS deeply profound and hold MANY life truths and tools to support conscious living. The satsang was also very reasonably priced at $10 US.”
– KK (Australia)

“Tony’s satsangs/Energy Transmissions are such a great beacon of guiding light and wisdom. Thank you from my heart!”
– Vivi B. (USA)

“Thank you for reminding me of listening to the ‘Third Eye Meditation.’ One of my favorites- listened daily under the stars before and whilst pregnant… And it is still potent after all these years!”
– Erika S. (Switzerland)

“Sincere thanks to Tony for gifts of Satsangs!! I fell deep gratitude to have possibility to be part of Sangha!”
– Milena D. (Slovenia)

“The whole weekend was such a treat and it means a lot to me that he comes to Portugal regularly and I am able to experience his wonderful teachings and share in some of the valuable lessons and exercises we do.”
– RoseAnne G. (Gibraltar)

“So happy and grateful for the satsangs/energy transmissions… Beloved Tony, your work is so very important for a rapidly growing number of people… thank you and the team and everyone for being here for us and the planet!”
– Vivi B. (USA)

“Thanks a lot for all of the energy transmissions. All were very intensive experiences and important reminders. It gave me the impulse to prioritise more my daily meditations.”
– Gertraude K. (Austria)

“I would like to express my deep thankfulness for yesterday satsang, meditation & energy transmission. Somehow it was so special, powerful and meaningful, it was like coming to the core. Thank you for all precious gifts!”
– Milena D. (Slovenia)

“Thank you, thank you, thank you Beloved Sat Tony and Team for the phenomenal daily satsangs! Tony’s way is so deep and so practical and multidimensional always, and now somehow feels even more profound, like the journey (more challenging and more joyful than ever) is truly going deeper and expanding into the mystery of love for more and more people, all of us together–love the sangha, the community of consciousness that is growing because of your beautiful vision and light! All my love and deepest gratitude.”
– Vivi B. (USA)

“Grace is happening that Sat Tony works with me and I am so thankful for that… Satsangs, SSOM, retreats, meditations, night dreams, intuition… helps me immense, but the Mantra is the queen of my spiritual practice 🙂 . It is so intense, powerful and beautiful time of transformation on many levels for me!! I can not put in words, I just pray in my heart to be free… and have the ability to help others, too. Deep thanks to Sat Tony and all the Team for everything!!!”
– Milena T. (Slovenia)

“Hi, I just wanted to thank Tony! I have been feeling completely dis-engaged from life, the Earth and everything lately, and had no idea how to get back! This morning I started reading ‘Shaman’s Wisdom’ and I now know how to start my journey! Many, many Thank you’s!”
– Lis (UK)

“I came home to a depth that made me so very satisfied and energetic. All the wonderful practice, meditational, mental and emotional, followed by the energy transmission… all seems like a dream, and in a way it is. It was amazing to be able to have the time and focus on these Satsangs. I especially liked the days after these unique experiences, it felt like being alive to a new dimension to life. That’s how life has to be. I hope this energy and healing will increase and multiply and make the world a better place to live in.”
– S. K. (Portugal)

“The deepest gratitude of my heart to Beloved Tony for this evening’s satsang/meditation/energy transmission, so full of love, so powerful, focused in the most gentle, subtle way, and his answer to the question, wow! Everything was speaking directly to my heart and soul. Thank you to the whole wonderful Team for being here, for your beautiful presence of love!”
– Vivian B. (USA)

“I loved the satsangs very very very much. I’m already in the next series and can’t wait to be in a retreat very soon. Tony’s teachings are very inspiring, sweet, centered and wise. Thank you so much for the beautiful work you’re all doing, making this world more enlightened, peaceful and resonating love. Warm regards from Brazil <3."
– Andressa V. da N. (Brazil)

"Any one person out there who feels lost or in need, please take a few moments to listen and or watch Tony Samara, you will soon come to realise it's one of the best decisions you ever made."
– Denise B. (UK)

"Tony Samara embodies love and is without ego.
His energy transgresses his body and can be felt, resonating very strongly, all over.
If you are in his presence, you immediately feel a tingling and warm feeling in the tummy.
If you are unrested and tired, you may fall into a deep and tranquil sleep and awake very much refreshed.
If you are working on a specific issue, you may have wonderful dreams that help clarify where you are and the time spent with Tony on Dreams is both magical and very revealing.
When I first met Tony, in 2001, just being in the same room as he was and not knowing why, I would tremble and sometimes become overwhelmed with emotion, as if a part of me recognized a part of him that had travelled a very long way. After 10 years, I still tremble!
Tony’s work with me has had a monumental effect on my life and I can never be the same as I was before formally meeting him.
His mission – the evolution of human consciousness – is far from esoteric jargon and big words.
It is very pragmatic and practical, as the awareness gained, allows the “magic” to come into focus and what was a vague idea of what life may be, somehow becomes clearer making one thing absolutely certain – we are co-creators, responsible.
The consciousness gained by listening to Tony, not only through his words, but mostly through the energy at work through him and towards us, comes with responsibility and being response-able (able to respond) and this brings great joy and a true sense of freedom. One comes in tune with a power that has no arrogance and wishes only to flow with what is.
Meditating near Tony is a true outer body experience. Although the work continues when we come home, nothing is quite as it was when he is near.
I have been graced with the gift of having Tony as my Teacher and am honoured and forever grateful. My wish is that everyone be gifted with the same."
– Soraya M. (Portugal)

"I would recommend this teacher for their grace, content and masterful delivery."
– Ms. Y.R. B. (USA)

"Tony Samara empowers us to transcend any challenge in life through cleansing and meditation* Then deep healing evolves when a divine love transcends our limited ego into an expansion beyond ourselves, it's an amazing journey with enlightened masters, I believe to be the greatest blessing on earth that helps the bigger picture of all life on earth.
Becoming free (on going daily practise..) was only something I understood was possible when I started the journey 7 years ago with friends on a 40 day fast with Tony. I would start now and you'll never look back ; )"
– Hayla G. O. (UK)

"Your satsangs are so amazing. Expansive, loving… Thank you feels so small… Thank you so much.
The last one on Sunday was… Wow. Transcendental."
– Erika S. (Switzerland)

"Every time I listen you words my heart jump of happiness and gratitude. Cada ves que escucho tus palabras mi corazon salta de alegria y gratitud. Gracias Tony muchas gracias."
– Viejita M. (Spain)

"I experience listening to Tony as a beautifull present! Always in tune with love, helping everyone who truly wants help, or wants to listen with her/ his heart."
– Suzette v. H. (The Netherlands)

"Tony rules :)"
Mitja B. (Slovenia)

"Today's session was one of those with very powerful energy, but how powerful it really was, we will see over time. Sometimes words sound hollow in comparison with feelings that exist in our heart, but sometimes they need to be said. Tony thank You for sharing this day with us and patiently working for and with as all."
– Renata O. (Slovenia)

"Tony is really trying to show us the way to our hearts and he is doing it in a very unique and down to earth way!"
– Aleksandra B. (Slovenia)

"The Guru for the present day!"
– Habiba L. (UK)

"I recommend Tony Samara, oh yes! His beautiful and timely wisdom in words and in transmission of energy beyond the words have been such a saving grace for me these days of amazing life challenges. There is such compassion, patience, joy, and love in his heart to share the gifts of his beautiful teachings of freedom and truth!"
– Vivian B. (USA)

"Beyond words. A great support to not lose faith in life and remember our mission in this beautiful world,Where it is so easy to lose ourselves. Tony´s guidance is priceless. Thank you."
– Adélia A. (Portugal)

"Tony is the best teacher I know, and in some ways the only one I know, even if I appreciate vasant swaha, and sometimes mooji, or gurumaa. Truth is that since osho I have never felt what I feel in Tony's frequency. Highly recommended to experience at least once."
– Pedro L. P. (Portugal)

"Tony is straightforward but talks from the heart, very beautiful and inspiring."
– Patricia W. (The Netherlands)

"Tony Samara led us step by step to challenge and change our refernce point from limited to anlimited, and it is getting closer and closer to our potential. Than you Tony!
– Barica P. (Croatia)

"Please don't loose the daily teachings of TONY SAMARA!! He can surprising you! Believe me!"
– Radha M. M. (Portugal)

"Tony cuts through the unessential and helps you live in the essence of truth, from that deep space of your heart, which is Love… Tony guides you to that expanding light, to the clear euphoric love that is at the center of your being – to that which is the basic essence of your heart, your true being… the cosmos. Woo! Yes! I recommend Tony!"
– Brent K. (USA)

"Tony is a shiny reminder and an example of what a true spiritual teacher or master is in the flesh. A true being of light and love who teaches in practical day to day examples."
– Oscar P. (Portugal)

"Tony Samara's classes keep me hooked to continue with this amazing spiritual path that I'm so happy to be on… revelations one after the other – of life, of myself… I can strongly recommend anybody to follow a class and see for yourself. Thank you Tony."
– Philippe W. (Switzerland)

"Love yourself and love Tony and enjoy the time of being together in meditation."
– Lidija O. (Croatia)

"Do you want to discover who you really are? Do you want to put your spirituality into practice? Please connect with the amazing daily classes with Tony Samara!"
– Radha M. M. (Portugal)

"Thank you for offering satsangs online. It is so important to have a regular meetings; personally it motivates me more for deeper work than when being on my own or attending groups every few months."
– Franja G. (UK)

"The class was great. I highly recommend attending future courses to everyone who is willing to get deeper insight in it's own life, and understandig of life in general."
– Sabina M. (Croatia)

"Thank you dear Tony for sharing your unconditional Love with us so that we may recognize that same Love within ourselves!"
– Carole B. (New Zealand)

"I highly recommend Tony Samara and his courses! I was really really happy Tony decided to do this second course. I can sense his teachings and the beautiful, calming, vitalizing, healing energy transmission settling deeper and deeper into me slowly but surely with the passage of time, I feel my heart opening more and more, without me trying to figure out how to make it happen.

Lots of family and health and world and other issues, instead of arousing so much fear and anger and judgment, are now, as Tony says, gifts and opportunities to me seeing how the meditation and the mantra work. I find myself much more aware than before, I find myself observing my own negative thoughts and feelings more quickly, I find myself not being as caught up in the drama as I used to be. I can sense more calm and peacefulness inside me even as I, like so many of us, am going through a lot of personal and health changes and the world we live in is changing amazingly fast it is dizzying! Thank you so very much Tony for the profoundly spiritual and practical teachings and energy tranmission you share with us all. Your gift is needed in this day and age we are experiencing."
– Vivian B. (USA)

"if i had any doubts remaining after the first time i heard this teacher, it is now clear that this teaching is very different. it's not so much about the wisdom he shares, though he seems to know a lot, but his meditation guidance is absolutely unique. i was able to meditate even when i felt that would otherwise be impossible with the way i was feeling. cant recommend Tony Samara enough."
– Pedro L. P. (Portugal)

"this teacher inspired me beyond the wisdom he was sharing. i never felt the course was biased or ever condemning of perspectives differing from the one presented. this alone made me realise in practice that it is possible to go about my spiritual path without having to resort to anything but the focus on what really is important for me. more than the words that ultimately i guess we can all learn and repeat, the rhythms and flow of his speech alone conveyed deep peace without even using the word. i want to listen to more."
– Pedro L. P. (Portugal)

"A spiritual teacher who works very gently but deeply with people."
– Mario V. (The Netherlands)

"Anyone who sincerely accepts the reality will find support in Tony's work."
– Barica P. (Croatia)

"I recommend Tony to anyone seeking to overcome the challenges of life in a real way so that the inner light can shine through. He is a mirror of the potential that is possible to achieve as a conscious human being and by putting his teachings into practice I have become a more complete human being. Thank you Tony!"
– Oscar P. (Portugal)

"It's beyond words… just listen and enjoy!"
– Suzette v. H. (The Netherlands)

"Tony is very clear and explains everything in a very coherent way. His wisdom and knowledge are of great help in dealing with everyday chaotic life and many stressful situations."
– Lidija O. (Croatia)

"The most amazing gift I have ever received. Truly Beyond Words as Tony Samara once put it him self. This magic can not be grasped. I am left in immense gratitude, where my heart has been opened towards the infinite and sings along in the harmonic bliss of existence. How can I put it? …Thank you…"
– Satprem C. (Sweden)

"For me Tony is the shining example of what a spiritual master is in a practical way. A noble reminder of our true potential. Guiding the student to see more and more its light and learn how to be self sufficient in the path to self realization. If you are looking to understand your life better and apply the tools to self transformation then Tony Samara is the answer!! Thank you Tony."
– Oscar P. (Portugal)

"Yes, I totally recommend Tony Samara! It feels really effortless, like healing, peaceful music, how everything flows, when he speaks. His teachings are more than the words, they are truly transmitted energetically, I can attest to that personally. The meditations he teaches are precious, beautiful, easy to do, effective, and wow they have made a difference in my life, as these three books by Tony have as well–Deeper than Words, From the Heart, Shaman's Wisdom."
– Vivian B. (USA)

"You want to break free from all those self imposed restrictions? Need some help? Turn to Tony!"
– Jutta H. (Germany)

"I received this class as an energy transmission, feeling this space and getting clear answers, without even physically asking the questions…, thereby getting lots of help how to enlighten my/ our world, enjoy it more and more…. It is a great and fun experience… I wouldn't want to miss it! Love it!!!"
– Suzette v. H. (The Netherlands)

"As seeker of healing and joy, I posit that Tony Samara's meditations/energy transmissions have brought me more healing and joy than years of other kinds of treatments – allopathic or not. His presence in my life has been… life changing to a point that any book (and I was a bookworm!) or film (and I was a cinephile!) just doesn't interest me anymore: consciousness, love and trust are so much more enriching and fun. Thank you!"
– Erika S. (Switzerland)

"I strongly recommend Tony Samara teachings!"
– Barica P. (Croatia)

"Anyone who wants to free them selves… listen!"
– Suzette v. H. (The Netherlands)

"Yes definitely a Master Meditation as reminding us that the most essential aspect is to be deeply in the present moment. Of course the extra beauty of this Meditation with Tony is that he works with us energetically so that we have extra support in realising the words! What a Blessing!"
– Habiba L. (UK)

Testimonials about Tony Samara’s Meditations

"Very helpful and informative. I really like this one!"
– Erin, Los Angeles (USA)

"Very soothing, and as well very informative steps to get you really to focus on meditation."
– Andrew, San Antonio (USA)

"This is magical. Moving. Transformative. I will do this many, many times."
– Nancy, Gunnison, CO (USA)

"Amazing! I felt deeply connected to a positive vision!"
– Ryan, Toronto (Canada)

"Amazing and beautiful. Thank you! I will be doing this often."
– Michele, Fairfax, California (USA)

"Brilliant it really helped me feel and visualise things through my third eye, two words… Powerful & Insightful"
– Anthony, Cape Town (South Africa)

"I will be doing this one again. I felt my brain tingle and my eyes begin to water, some past fears and anxieties arose but passed. Thank you!"
– Dana, North Little Rock, AR (USA)

"This meditation is really effective–this is the second time I have done it and I got much more from the meditation the second time. I will be returning again! Thank you."
– David, Berlin (Germany)

"My Boyfriend and I did this together and loved it. We both wanted it to go on longer then the 15min. Came out of it feeling very alive and refreshed. We will definitely do this many more times. Thank you so much. b"
– Terrisa, Yakima, WA (USA)

"Thankful to find a third eye meditation. It was very soothing and helpful."
– Victoria, Brooklyn, NY (USA)

"This little meditation is a gem. I'll do it again."
– Liz, Washington Township, NJ (USA)

"I really enjoy this meditation. I can feel my forehead tingling."
– Jose, Iowa (USA)

"Thank you so much !!! I just did this meditation at work on a very hard and stressful day. What a relief !!! I'm in top shape to finish my day. Namasté ?"
– Judy, Saint-Jérôme, Quebec (Canada)

"The best!! Especially great background sounds…thank you so much!"
– Leah, Massachusetts (USA)

"Mr. Samara's meditation earned 5☆☆☆☆☆ from me. His voice (love the accent), tone and cadence are soothing to the ear. I also enjoyed the background sounds of the ocean & birds."
– Deborah, Naples, Florida (USA)

"Full experience! Love your words, voice and synchronized ocean and other sounds. Exceptional!"
– Kate, Anchorage, Alaska (USA)

"I loved the background sounds. The man's voice was very relaxing gently guiding. I will journey again. Thank you Namaste."
– Victoria, Stevens, Pennsylvania (USA)

"This is a really good starter for any new meditators who are beginning to work with chakras."
– Disa, Long Beach, California (USA)

"I am a beginning meditator… This was a really great meditation for me. Thank you."
– Cathy, Southport, NC (USA)

"This was a really well guided meditation focusing on third eye awareness, opening and expansion, seeing and receiving Divine energies and resources into you're being."
– Tina, Westerville, OH (USA)

"I was surprised by this peaceful yet energising meditation which I will definitely do often. Thank you for sharing."
– Deborah, Alsópáhok (Hungary)

"Fantastic! A nice alternative and complimentary approach to the chanting techniques of opening the sixth chakra."
– Michael

"Thank you so very much. Please continue to add more of your meditations. The Third Eye meditation was very helpful for me at the end of this day. Thank you!"
– Sheila, Portland (USA)

"I experienced an Increasing in my Love as the meditation guided me to a feeling of Beauty and Wholeness. A lovely 15 minutes xxx"
– Ruby, Chesterfield (England)

"Love this. Perfect amount of music/sound. Great tone of voice. Just what I needed today. Will definitely do this again."
– Elissa, El Dorado Hills, CA (USA)

"This meditation came to me exactly when I was ready for it."
– Nicholas, Hessle, East Yorkshire (England)
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Tony Samara | August 16, 2015
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