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About Rasheed Ogunlaru

I’m a leading qualified Professional Coach. I help leaders, high achievers, entrepreneurs, entertainers, teachers, healers and the public find fulfilment, balance and ‘meaningful’ success in all areas of their lives, careers and relationships. I help individuals and teams – including with career progression, change, self discovery, confidence, business strategy, performance and so on. While I help you in all these areas, I actually do something far simpler; I help you embrace life and yourself – by moving from fighting life to flowing with it. This naturally frees your potential, restores balance, and boosts performance and fulfilment in all areas of your life and work. I use traditional coaching skill and techniques but I also work at a deeper, direct level – from and to the heart – if you like. This gently moves you beyond simply seeing life through the ideas and fears of the mind. I’ve found it is the most effective method to help you truly be yourself in all you do.