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The authors are knowledgeable individuals who have generously offered to share their work and their passion on Soulfully Connecting.  The articles published here may also be part of other websites and blogs.  It is purely our intention to provide a wide variety of information in one place.  We are very grateful to all the inspirational people who have chosen to share our journey.  Thank you.


About Debs Atkinson

Hello, I am Debs. I am a healer, a therapist, a writer, a teacher and am mostly at the beck and call of my naughty rescue dogs, ducks and chickens. Because of my own healing journey, I have a deep belief that the changes we want to see in this world must start from within us, no exceptions. I am passionate about helping others to live from their hearts and to follow their path to happiness and love. I know that is available for us all, it is our choice to take it. I consider myself to be hugely lucky, I have arrived at a point in my life where I adore what I do. I am still healing, learning, growing and changing and love to share this journey with others who are on this same crazy and exciting ride we call life! My website is . My partner and I are currently following our long held dream to create a sanctuary to help nature, wildlife and people. Do come and follow our journey and join us along the way!