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April 2020 Tarot Reading

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Welcome to this month’s general card reading. I hope that it will resonate with those of you who read it and you will find it helpful.

Wishing everyone health and safety in these challenging times.

Cards duplicated in the last 6 months:

January and April – Page of Swords

January and April – Wheel of Fortune

November and April – High Priestess


This month what is being emphasised is that we need to keep away from gossip and be discerning about what we say and do – sometimes the best way is to keep our own counsel and say nothing at all.  I’m sure we all feel that we are at the mercy of the fates at the moment, but we do have control over how we react to our individual circumstances and our intuition will guide us if we don’t give in to panic and fear.


As we start off this month it is important that we hold on to the vision of what we want from our lives and don’t allow ourselves to be side-tracked by other people or any fearmongering.  This situation will pass and our dreams are still viable – it’s just that some of us will have to put them on hold for a short time.  This can also be an opportunity for some of us to work on projects that we are passionate about, as we’ll have time available which was in short supply before.

The first part of April indicates that some of us will be recipients of money and resources from unexpected sources.  We are also being asked to be assertive and disciplined and to think carefully before we act.  Once we are clear on our direction we can proceed and maybe invite others to join us, but it will be vital that we don’t move forward with people who are constantly getting in our way and hampering our progress.

In the middle part of the month we have some inner conflicts to address.  We won’t want to listen to what other people are saying and will have the tendency to internalise and just do what we want to do.  However, by not listening to others we might miss some important information.  So let’s keep our ears open and just filter out what doesn’t resonate.  If we dig our heels in and become stubborn, only valuing the things that we believe make us important in some way, then we will be blocking off creativity and finance.  The middle of April is a time to focus on flexibility – we need to bend with the wind.  If we are too rigid, the wind can break us.

Towards the end of April some of us could be falling into a state of fear and anxiety.  These might be regrets about the past – things we have or haven’t done, or things that other people have or haven’t done to or for us.  This drains us and when we succumb to fear it weakens our immune system, which we really need to be strong, especially at this moment in time.  Therefore, if we can do anything about these regrets by mending fences that have been broken with people, then I suggest that we do it.  If that isn’t feasible, then forgive everyone involved, make peace with the situation and move on.  If we focus on the past we won’t have a future because we will have taken up residence in the past.  Our intuition will be gaining in strength as well so let this guide us during these uncertain times.

As we come to the end of the month we won’t know what to expect next as fate is in charge and will be sending us situations and circumstances that we haven’t sought out or anticipated.  We have to remember that we aren’t victims and we have the power to change our mindset and make the best out of the cards we have been dealt, or alternatively feel sorry for ourselves and embrace depression and hopelessness as our friend.  How we deal with this situation is totally up to us.  I have long had a favourite saying (I don’t know who wrote it).

“It isn’t life that matters, but the courage with which we face it.”

So let’s all step up and set an example of generosity, courage and kindness rather than becoming one of the people that everyone feels sorry for – we are better than that!

Our luck throughout the month is to keep away from gossipy and fearmongering people, keep our own counsel and don’t say things that can make the current tension even worse.  If we listen rather than talk, we are going to learn a lot of new things in the coming days.  A perfect time to learn a new skill I would think!

April is very much about keeping ourselves under control, finding a purpose and facing our demons.  Many people use their work and social lives as a way of avoiding situations and feelings that they don’t want to investigate and deal with.  If we can use April as a month of reflection, forgiveness and self-analysis we will come out so much stronger at the end of the month and beyond.

Wishing you, your friends and families an April which is full of love, support and connection.  Social distancing doesn’t mean emotional distancing, so let’s take the opportunity to connect with people that we haven’t heard from in a while and make the world a smaller and more loving and nurturing place to live.



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