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April 2019 Tarot Reading

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Welcome to this month’s general card reading. I hope that it will resonate with those of you who read it and you will find it helpful.

Cards duplicated in last 6 months:

March and April – 8 of Swords

November, December, February and April – 5 of Wands

January and April – 9 of Wands

January and April – 7 of Swords

November and April – The High Priestess

The feeling of being stuck between a rock and a hard place which showed up last month is still with us.  Many of us will still be under the influence of the domestic trials and tribulations that have been with us most months since last November.  The obstacles and the need to be diplomatic and tactful have also become an issue again but fortunately our intuition is kicking in and will help us navigate through it all if we listen to it.

As we start off this month many of us will be concentrating on domestic problems.  This can be in the form of lack of finance, things breaking down or disruption in our homes.  This is a temporary situation if we can try and take the high ground and not buy into the drama of it all.

The first part of April is about being focused and disciplined.  It’s important that we don’t waste our energy by getting frustrated and aggravated when things don’t happen as fast as we’d like them to.  If we don’t use self-discipline we will waste a lot of time and effort and will delay our desired outcome.  We do have people around us that we have loving and harmonious relationships with, so it would be wise not to bite their heads off when we are feeling irritable.

In the middle part of the month we will feel as though whatever we do we are going to upset someone or other.  This is often because we have been less than forthcoming with people around us and situations have come back to bite us.  We might feel as though we are stuck between a rock and a hard place, but it is usually of our own making.  The good news is that our intuition is getting stronger and this is invaluable when we are in difficult circumstances.  We need to listen to it as it will help guide us out of difficulties.

Towards the end of April we really need to be very tactful and diplomatic.  This isn’t a time to be shouting about our rights and making a lot of noise, as we will only put people’s backs up and they will be less inclined to listen to us or help us.  A softly, softly approach is best at this time.  We also need to take a close look at ourselves and our motivations as we will have a tendency to hold on to the past and our opinions, when in fact they are no longer valid and are only blocking us from moving forward both financially and creatively.  Flexibility is the key, not rigidity.

As we come to the end of the month we would be wise to look at the larger picture and focus on our end goals.  Obstacles are likely to be popping up here and there slowing our progress, but if we focus on the obstacles they are likely to become our goals and we will easily lose our way.  Obstacles are opportunities to learn, so learn the lessons and move on.

Our luck throughout the month is that we will have both spiritual and physical help.  Many of us will feel as though we can’t go on anymore, bearing the burdens we have been carrying for so long.  Help is on the way and, in some form or other, we will receive the help we need and be released from our difficult situations.

April doesn’t look as though it’s going to be the easiest or smoothest of months.  There are a number of challenges ahead of us but we do have help available and intuition aplenty to get us through.  Try to stay calm and positive, know that any trials and tribulations are temporary, and look forward to better times ahead.



Sue is not only the Founder of Soulfully Connecting but has been a tarot card reader and graphologist for 24 years.

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