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April 2018 Tarot Reading

Welcome to this month’s general card reading. I hope that it will resonate with those of you who read it and you will find it helpful.

Cards duplicated:

January and April – Judgement and Ace of Cups

March and April – Knight of Wands

Two of the cards that we started 2018 with have come up again, indicating that we are coming to the end of an era and we will get the rewards for the efforts we’ve made – assuming we’ve made any effort that is!  We are also reminded to keep an open heart and don’t let hurts and disappointments cut us off – be compassionate and forgiving to others and ourselves.

The Knight of Wands which has shown itself again this month lets us know that the energy of change and movement is still with us.  We are really wanting to expand our horizons.

As we start off this month we will have a much better idea of what direction we are travelling in and there will be more enthusiasm and excitement for the road that we are starting to walk down.  Our way forward is becoming clearer.

The first part of April we will still be feeling as though everything is stagnant, nothing exciting is happening but, if we are tuned in on a spiritual level, we will see that things within us are indeed changing.  We are gathering more knowledge and understanding so that we can move forward in a stronger and more powerful way.  It would be wise to meditate or find our own individual way of tapping into our intuition, because that will help direct us throughout the remainder of the month.

In the middle part of the month our chickens will start to come home to roost.  We are going to start seeing the rewards for our previous efforts.  To clarify, if we have been working with negative energy, we will find that will also seek us out.  Like attracts like, so it would be wise to keep/start working in the positive so that our chickens are pretty ones!  We do manifest our own reality after all!  We would also be wise to spend some time alone in quiet contemplation and reflection.  Other people’s opinions won’t be useful at the moment – we need to connect to our own truth and not someone else’s.

Towards the end of April we will be champing at the bit, wanting to move forward.  That can be in the form of a house move, a change of job or even coming out of a relationship.  Everyone has a different area in their life which feels stale and possible restricting.  If we feel that we can’t be our authentic selves in a current situation, then it really is time to make a change.  This is a great time to make changes too, because the Death card has shown itself.  For those who aren’t aware, this doesn’t mean physical death but the death of a way of life, with the opportunity of a new way of life if we can let go of the old.  The question is – are we ready to let go of the old and familiar which no longer feels comfortable or nurturing, or are we going to hang around in a situation which feels either dead or dying. If we don’t make the changes ourselves, then eventually those changes will be made for us – that’s the way it goes.

As we come to the end of the month we will be ready for new energy and love in our lives.  This can come in the form of an intimate relationship, or the loving and compassionate relationships we have with the people in our lives.  Whatever pain we might have gone through in the past, and all of us have been subject to that experience, it is important to wipe the slate clean, learn from our mistakes, don’t hold grudges and look into the new day as the first day of the rest of our lives!

Our luck throughout the month will be found in open mindedness and listening to others.  The more we close ourselves off, believe we are right and have nothing to learn, or refuse to look at what is going on around us, the more trouble we will find ourselves in.  Ignoring something isn’t going to make it go away – we have a lesson to learn and it will keep coming at us from all angles until we have learnt it.  The best thing we can do is deal with every situation this month head on – don’t sweep anything under the carpet, even if it’s tempting.  If we are loving in our interactions and very clear about our intentions, the month will be a lot more productive and pleasant.



Sue is not only the Founder of Soulfully Connecting but has been a tarot card reader and graphologist for 23 years.

She participated in festivals around the world for 14 years, but is now based in London, UK.  She does readings via Skype and email, as well as face to face readings for people who are in the London area.  If you would be interested in finding out more about having a reading from Sue, then please contact her at suereadings@aol.com.

You can see more about Sue on her listing Mystic Matters




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