How to Add an Event

Event promotion is a free service.  The only criterion is that your event must relate to our categories.  If you are unsure what subjects we cover, please check out our Mind Map or alternatively contact us at [email protected].

Please note that your event won’t appear on the website immediately.  It comes to us via email and we check that everything is clear before publishing it.

Once your event is live on the website, it is circulated extensively through our social media – Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Here is the step by step process of adding an event. Click on the images to enlarge:

  1. Click on the Event button if you wish to view the page first and check out how other events are presented, otherwise just go straight to Add Event in the dropdown menu.

image 001

2. Fill in the boxes as per the demonstration below.

image 002

3. If your event covers a few days add it like this. Please note that the dates are shown in American form (Month/Day/Year).

image 003

4. If your event is the same each day, but you hold it on non-consecutive days, then please fill it in like this. The event doesn’t go directly onto the website, so the important thing is that it is clear for us.

image 004

5. Fill in the contact details as per the boxes below, along with an image (maximum size 2MB). If you don’t have an image that relates to the event itself, please send an alternative ie. logo – otherwise an unattractive empty box will show up next to your event.

image 005

6. Finally, fill in your name and email address (these won’t appear on the website unless they have been added in the Event Contact Details above).

Please check all the details and add the Captcha code and Send.

image 006

Finally, thank you very much for viewing this page and we hope that you will take advantage of the free promotion on offer.


With best wishes from

The Team at Soulfully Connecting